Guam Law Ending Statute of Limitations on Sex Abuse Cases Could Force Church Into Bankruptcy


On Friday, the Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, signed a bill removing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse charges for civil cases (but not criminal ones). That means many people who were molested by their priests decades ago can now sue the Church even if it was “too late” before.
Church leaders are freaking out because — wait for it — this could lead to bankruptcy.
Cue the sad trombone.

Church leaders say lifting the statute of limitations would subject the church to unlimited financial liability, forcing the closure of parish churches and schools on the island where more than three quarters of Guam’s 162,000 residents are Roman Catholics.


In the [open letter to the people of Guam], Calvo said he was “saddened that even a single injustice had to happen in order to make this law necessary. There are no winners. Justice is the only victory.”
He added that he was resolute in his decision, saying the legislation opens “the doors of justice to those who suffered a terrible harm as children.”

See those tears of sympathy streaming down everyone’s faces? Me neither.
If the Church suffers because of this law, too fucking bad. They deserve whatever monetary punishments they have coming their way. The fact that they used to be able to get off on a legal technicality should be appalling to decent people everywhere.
There’s one hitch, though. Even Calvo isn’t sure the law will survive a legal challenge. But the fact that he signed it anyway suggests this is a battle he believes is worth fighting. He’s certainly on the right side of the moral issue, regardless of what the courts decide.

Dominique on Tuesday 04 October 2016 - 20:47:25