“Rael's girls” ready to help catholic priests to rediscover their sexuality

In a recent speech, Pope Benedict XVI asked his bishops to take all necessary measures to stop the pedophilia crimes committed by his clergy, a pleasant change considering that 5 years ago as he was in charge of the Doctrine and Faith Committee, he sent a letter asking them to cover these same crimes.

But this speech is not enough. The excellent documentary of Amy Berg, “deliver us >From Evil”, portrays Father O'Grady who allegedly molested hundreds of children while he was of service to the Church in Northern California. In his interview, he is very forthcoming about his deviant conduct, displaying no remorse, and admitting to numerous sexual encounters with the sons and daughters of his trusted parishioners. Amy Berg also said that during these interviews at some point, "he couldn't remember all of the facts and in some cases he wasn't even sure he did anything wrong."

Psychologists are unanimous in saying that a fully inhibited sexual life can trigger mental problems leading to violence and deviant sexuality. A speech isn’t enough, it is time for the Vatican to allow its priests to have sex so that they stop abusing children.

Already today, 150,000 of them have left the clergy to get married and are now organized following Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo who created for them the Married Priests Now! Prelature.

For all the others who haven’t stepped out yet, we believe it is urgent to act and the Rael's Girls, (www.raelsgirls.com) are offering their experience in the sex industry to organize seminars for the Catholic Priests who want to rediscover a harmonious sexuality and to help cure thousands of them who are molesting or are about to molest young children.

The Rael's Girls », are members of the Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) whose founder and spiritual leader, RAEL, teaches among other fundamental values, that a free sexuality is one of the keys for an harmonious development of one’s personality and for a less violent world.

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Ettore on Friday 23 April 2010 - 16:15:52