RAEL's position on pedophilia

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, an imbalance which must be fought against by society because it is dangerous for the development and balance of children who are victims of it.

The criminalization of pedophiliacs does not solve the problem.

In general, after a prison sentence, they walk out and once again behave like sexual predators, almost always relapsing.

In fact, that's why in the US there's a new tendency to keep pedophiliacs in prison even after having served their sentences if they are deemed as still being a threat to society. Which is not a solution either because it infringes on Human Rights which say, rightfully so, that no one can be imprisoned without justification.

The solution is for pedophilia to be considered for what it truly is: a mental disorder.

Society could then, as it did for drugs, put therapy and rehabilitation centers in place as well as programs for convicted pedophiliacs. Any conviction for pedophilia should include mandatory therapy because they are sick people who are making society suffer and who, themselves, suffer from the terrible consequences of their imbalance.

In doing so, because pedophiliacs would be treated for what they are i.e. mentally ill patients, they should be confined until they are cured. This would protect society from their release from a simple prison term (as often is the case) which does not solve their imbalance problem and at the same time puts other children in jeopardy.

If, in severe cases, such therapies were found to be inefficient, pedophiliacs should have the choice between staying locked up in psychiatric institutions for the rest of their lives or accept a neurological castration. This process would destroy the centers commanding sexuality in the brain, thereby making them incapable of being dangerous sexual predators for society.

If the Raelian Movement is in favor of sexual freedom for consenting adults, it has always condemned pedophilia. Catholic authorities, through the ADEFI, are spreading vile rumors against us on this subject in order to fight against our revolutionary ideology which liberates individuals from Judeo-Christian taboos related to sexuality and which society, as a whole, is fortunately starting to reject.

Any growing population has, always had, and will always have criminals and sick people. This is not a reason to condemn all the members of this population.

There are pedophiliacs and criminals among Christians, Jews and Muslims, but it's not a reason to put all the Christians, Jews or Muslims in the same basket. Now that there are 55,000 Raelians in the world, there are, and there will be imbalance and criminal individuals among them as with any other population because no population is perfect.

Just as it would be revolting and an incitement to hatred, when a pedophile who is Jewish is condemned, to write in the newspapers "Jew convicted for pedophilia", it is unacceptable to write "member of new religious minority X convicted for pedophilia". Why would anyone be free to do such an ignominy with impunity in the latter case?

Let it be known, once and for all, that Raelians condemn pedophilia and, better yet, propose efficient solutions if society is really serious about fighting against this plague.


Ettore on Friday 23 April 2010 - 16:15:10