In the last twenty years, tens of thousands of Catholic priests were condemned throughout the world for sexual abuse on children or pedophilia, sometimes under the protection of their bishops. This is only the tip of the iceberg, since for every priest condemned, surely tens of thousands of Catholic priests continue with their pedophilia activities in all impunity.

We encourage those among you who have suffered sexual abuses from Catholic priests in their youth and who never talked about it to contact us. Specialists will start legal procedures on your behalf, in all confidentiality if requested, asking for substantial financial compensation to the courts.

Protect your children from pedophilia : Stop sending them to catechism

The risk of sexual abuse by Catholic priests being statistically greater than in a normal population, to send your children to catechism is to take an unacceptable risk of exposing them to pedophilia.

Effective measures against pedophilia

We hereby request the government to take simple measures proving that it is really concerned by this serious problem. In particular, that the sexual education courses should now include a chapter on the prevention of pedophilia including the distribution of the contact address of our association which children could send an e-mail to if they feel they are victimized or in danger or sexual abuse.

We request that a special prevention course on pedophilia, put together by a team of specialized psychologists and including this contact address, be given to primary school children so that they may learn how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.

And we insist that this course should, in priority, be given in Catholic schools, a high risk environment, as we've seen.

Help us to protect your children!

Founder and leader of the Raelian Movement

Message to Pedophiles

Even if we are in favor of sexual freedom between consenting adults, if you are a pedophile you are definitely not welcome in the Raelian movement. Not only because our position is very clear condemning it as a mental disease, but also because, contrary to the politics of the Catholic church which has been hiding pedophile priests (see www.nopedo.org) and moving them from parish to parish so they can make more victims of their disgusting behavior, the Raelian movement has a strict policy of not only expelling immediately any member suspected of pedophilia or sex with people under legal age BUT ALSO to immediately report them to the police.

Some of you may have been attracted to our philosophy due to defamatory articles in French speaking newspapers and magazines, stating that our philosophy being in favor of sexual freedom would then favor pedophilia. The reality is strictly the opposite. When individuals have a fulfilled sexual life, they don't even think of imposing their sexuality on children, unlike Catholic Priests unfortunately do, due to their lack of sexuality. Some articles even refer to the Raelian order of angels, a congregation of women who want to develop their femininity and who can make the vow, if they wish so, to devote their sexuality only to our Creators and their Prophets. They would then wear a pink feather around their neck to openly show their desire to have no sex. These women decide freely to do so, just as catholic nuns would do; this is part of the free sexuality that we profess, the right to say no to sex as well. In this organization angel minors also have to signal the fact that they are under the legal age for sex, by wearing a black feather around their neck to make sure that no adult Raelian approach them at any time with sex in mind. Some of these minor angels also choose to have no sex at all, thus refusing sex with potential minor partners which most young girls experience during their teens. They would then wear a pink feather as well. Some newspapers have seen the minors' beautiful decision of reserving their sexuality for our Creators as an indication of pedophilia, which is completely ridiculous.

It is very clear in the Raelian Philosophy that pedophilia is a sign of mental disease and will never be tolerated within the organization. Any member, whatever his rank, who would be found guilty of such a behavior will be expelled and reported to legal authority.